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After nearly a year of playing together, the Teen Idles decided to break up. It was late summer 1980 and the only thing left to sort out was what to do with the money in the band fund. All of the... Read More
After nearly a year of playing together, the Teen Idles decided to break up. It was late summer 1980 and the only thing left to sort out was what to do with the money in the band fund. All of the money we had earned from our 35 concerts went into a cigar box in my room, and we had managed to save over $600. Instead of splitting it up, the band decided to release a record.

It was clear from the beginning that no label would be interested in putting out a Teen Idles record, particularly since we were no longer a band, so we decided to do it ourselves. We turned to our friend Skip Groff, who ran a record shop called Yesterday and Today. He had put out a number of small releases on his own label, Limp Records, and was able to explain the basic mechanics of putting out a record. We came up with a name for our label, started designing the cover, and sent off the tapes to a pressing plant. Finally, in December 1980, the Teen Idles' 'Minor Disturbance' E.P. (an eight-song 7") was released. This was Dischord Records #1.

In the time it took to put the record together there had been a lot of activity in the young D.C. punk scene. Jeff and I started a new band, Minor Threat, and I moved from playing bass to singing. Henry, the Teen Idles' roadie, started S.O.A. John Stabb had appeared on the scene and was playing with a band that would become Government Issue. Nathan, the Teen Idles' singer, was working on a new band that would become Youth Brigade. The Untouchables, my brother's band, were still playing, and there were reports of other pockets of young punk rockers forming their own bands. It was decided that if we managed to sell enough of the Teen Idles records to make any of the money back, we would use the cash to put out records by these other bands. I was really inspired by the Dangerhouse Records label, which had released a series of singles by L.A. punk bands, and wanted to try to do something similar with Dischord.

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Artificial Peace
Complete Session November 81 LP


Artificial Peace
Complete Session November 81 LP
Dischord Records

Artificial Peace barely lasted a year but were a major player in the early DC hardcore scene. In November 1981, they entered Inner Ear studio with Don Zientara and Ian MacKaye and laid down 17 tracks of fast and intense, yet catchy, hardcore punk, with only three of these tracks seeing the light of day as part of the 'Flex Your Head' compilation. Now, the entire recording is finally available on one release. LP includes free album download.

01. Artificial Peace
02. Outside Looking In
03. Suburban Wasteland
04. M.I.A. (previously unreleased)
05. Against The Grain (previously unreleased)
06. UXB (previously unreleased)
07. No Escape, No Excuse (previously unreleased)
08. Enlisted Man (previously unreleased)
09. Wild Thing (previously unreleased)
10. D.J. (previously unreleased)
11. War Path (previously unreleased)
12. Neighbors (previously unreleased)
13. Watcher (previously unreleased)
14. Spook Surf (previously unreleased)
15. Enemy Minds (previously unreleased)
16. Dead End (previously unreleased)
17. This Means War (previously unreleased)

Dag Nasty
Dag With Shawn LP


Dag Nasty
Dag With Shawn LP
Dischord Records

'Dag With Shawn' was recorded on Halloween day, 1985 and features the original lineup of the band with Shawn Brown on vocals. In early 1986, the band re-recorded the entire album with new vocalist Dave Smalley and released it as 'Can I Say.' This original session has only been previously available as partial out-takes and unauthorized bootlegs and, until now, has never been released in its complete form. Vinyl version includes free album download.

01. Under Your Influence
02. I've Heard
03. Justification
04. Circles
05. Can I Say
06. Thin Line (Ragu)
07. Never Go Back
08. Another Wrong
09. One To Two

Dag Nasty
Wig Out At Denkos LP


Dag Nasty
Wig Out At Denkos LP
Dischord Records

This 12" LP (on black vinyl) was remastered and recut in November 2008 at Chicago Mastering Service. Features updated graphics on the cover and comes with a free MP3 download of the album. CD version contains seven additional bonus tracks.

01. The Godfather
02. Trying
03. Safe
04. Fall
05. When I Move
06. Simple Minds
07. Wig Out At Denkos
08. Exercise
09. Dag Nasty
10. Crucial Three
11. Safe (CD only bonus track)
12. Trying (CD only bonus track)
13. Fall (CD only bonus track)
14. Roger (CD only bonus track)
15. Mango (CD only bonus track)
16. When I Move (CD only bonus track/live/acoustic)
17. I've Heard (CD only bonus track/live/acoustic)

The Faith / Void
Split LP
Colored Vinyl


The Faith / Void
Split LP
Dischord Records

This 12" LP (on colored vinyl) was remastered and recut at Chicago Mastering Service in November 2008 and comes with a free MP3 download of the album.

01. Faith - It's Time
02. Faith - Face To Face
03. Faith - Trapped
04. Faith - In Control
05. Faith - Another Victim
06. Faith - What's Wrong With Me?
07. Faith - What Do You Think
08. Faith - Confusion
09. Faith - You're X'd
10. Faith - Nightmare
11. Faith - Don't Tell Me
12. Faith - In The Black
13. Void - Who Are You?
14. Void - Time To Die
15. Void - Condensed Flesh
16. Void - Ignorant People
17. Void - Change Places
18. Void - Ask Them Why
19. Void - Organized Sports
20. Void - My Rules
21. Void - Self-defense
22. Void - War Hero
23. Void - Think
24. Void - Explode

The Faith
Subject To Change Plus First Demo LP


The Faith
Subject To Change Plus First Demo LP
Dischord Records

Forming from the ashes of local DC bands SOA and The Untouchables, Faith were short-lived but had a profound impact on the early hardcore scene before members moved on to bands like Rites Of Spring and Embrace. This LP collects their 1982 'Subject To Change' record and their first demo from 1981, 19 tracks total. Vinyl version includes free album download.

01. Aware
02. Say No More
03. Limitations
04. No Choice
05. Untitled
06. Subject To Change
07. More Of The Same
08. Slowdown
09. You're X'd (demo)
10. Don't Tell Me (demo)
11. In The Black (demo)
12. In Control (demo)
13. It's Time (demo)
14. Another Victim (demo)
15. Nightmare (demo)
16. Trapped (demo)
17. No Choice (demo)
18. Confusion (demo)
19. What's Wrong With Me (demo)

Four Old Seven Inches
Compilation LP


Four Old Seven Inches
Compilation LP
Dischord Records

The "Four Old Seven Inches" LP, first released in 1984, compiled four early Dischord EPs (by then already out of print) from Teen Idles, SOA, Government Issue and Youth Brigade (DC). The later CD edition added the first two Minor Threat EPs to the mix. By the early 1990s the vinyl edition of this compilation had fallen out of print but it has been re-pressed, re-issued and now features updated artwork.

01. The Teen Idles - Teen Idles
02. The Teen Idles - Sneakers
03. The Teen Idles - Get Up And Go
04. The Teen Idles - Deadhead
05. The Teen Idles - Fleeting Fury
06. The Teen Idles - Fiorucci Nightmare
07. The Teen Idles - Getting In My Way
08. The Teen Idles - Too Young To Rock
09. State Of Alert - Lost In Space
10. State Of Alert - Draw Blank
11. State Of Alert - Girl Problems
12. State Of Alert - Blackout
13. State Of Alert - Gate Crashers
14. State Of Alert - Warzone
15. State Of Alert - Riot
16. State Of Alert - Gang Fight
17. State Of Alert - Public Defender
18. State Of Alert - Gonna Hafta Fight
19. Government Issue - Religious Ripoff
20. Government Issue - Fashionite
21. Government Issue - Rock'n Roll Bullshit
22. Government Issue - Anarchy Is Dead
23. Government Issue - Sheer Terror
24. Government Issue - Asshole
25. Government Issue - Bored To Death
26. Government Issue - No Rights
27. Government Issue - I'm James Dean
28. Government Issue - Cowboy Fashion
29. Youth Brigade - It's About Time That We Had A Change
30. Youth Brigade - Full Speed Ahead
31. Youth Brigade - Point Of View
32. Youth Brigade - Barbed Wire
33. Youth Brigade - Pay No Attention
34. Youth Brigade - Wrong Decision
35. Youth Brigade - No Song
36. Youth Brigade - No Song II

Reptile House
I Stumble As The Crow Flies EP


Reptile House
I Stumble As The Crow Flies EP
Dischord Records

Reptile House was a seminal mid-'80s punk band from Baltimore, MD that featured Daniel Higgs of Lungfish on vocals as well as London May of Samhain on drums. This four-song single was the band's first release, issued in 1985 and has been out of print for many years.

01. Keel-Haul Love
02. Social Champion
03. Mrs. Rain
04. Sleestak Weather


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