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White Flag
S Is For Space 2xLP


White Flag
S Is For Space 2xLP
Gasatanka Records

25th Anniversary re-issue of Southern California hard core stalwarts White Flag's first release, 'S Is For Space', as a deluxe 2 LP vinyl only limited edition. This 2 record set includes the long out of print original LP, (which was recorded and pressed in December of 1982, but not distributed until 1983), as well as a second vinyl album, pressed in random 'mystery colors', featuring previously unreleased recordings of the band's second and third live gigs. Record two includes their famous first 'real gig', supporting Black Flag, to an army of very angry skinheads in Hemet, California, August 31, 1982. The deluxe packaging features a hand numbered silver foil stamped front cover, heavy duty 5mm spine sleeve, a 12' x 24' reproduction of the original 3' x 4' promotional poster, the original 1983 insert, and a copy of the rare 'borrowed' Raymond Pettibon art flier from the Black Flag support gig. About the band; WHITE FLAG, seminal stalwarts of the Los Angeles California punk rock and roll scene. With a many faceted history that began in the small farm town of Sunnymead, California in 1982 White Flag has released 23 albums, singles and CD's, in countries as varied as South Africa, Japan and the Faroe Islands. The band had the honor of being the ONLY American group ever to play the remote The Faroe Islands. White flag is also the only USA band to ever play Greenland, where White Flag headlined the annual Asiaat Nipia Rock Festival, north of the Arctic Circle. With their well known rotating roster of band members, this tour's line up includes: Pat Fear and Doug Graves, (who founded the band in 1982),12 year veteran Kim Crimson, 12 year veteran El Swe, and the return of the band's second drummer, Victor M. Surrounded, who has not performed with the group since 1982. Other members of the 'White Flag Army' who have recorded or toured as a member of the band, (but are not performing on this tour) have included: Hole's Eric Erlandson and Courtney Love, Pat Smear, Bruce Duff of the Jeff Dahl Group, 45 Grave and The Adz, Javier Escovedo of legendary Los Angeles punk band The Zeros, and Rancid's Tim Armstrong. As a souvenir of the group's first visit to Italy, the band is releasing a limited edition, hand numbered 8 song 10' vinyl album, on Roma based RARO! Records, entitled 'Piangi Con Me.' This release, named after the group's cover version of The Rokes song of the same name (sung in Italian by Pat Fear!), marks the band's first new material to be issued since the 'Eternally Undone' CD, which was released in Italy on Valium Records, in 2003. A video for the first track, 'Somebody's Missing Too,' will be seen on Italian television beginning January 23. A limited edition extend version of the 'Piangi Con Me' release will be available only at the band's Italian shows. It will feature many extra songs not available on the 10' vinyl release. An English language of 'Piangi con Me' will be included, and guest appearances by members of Arthur Lee's Love, Redd Kross, The Muffs (which feature 2 White Flag Army band members!) and Paul Roessler of the legendary Los Angeles band The Screamers. Aside from their infrequent record releases and tours with White Flag, the band members have a varied and colorful musical history. Pat Fear has worked as a songwriter and producer for such artists as Courtney Love's band Hole, NOFX, Pat Smear (of Nirvana/Foo Fighters and The Germs fame), The Go-Go's, Bangles, Redd Kross, Sean Lennon, Ace Frehley of KISS, and Swedish garage punk legends The Nomads. He is also a technical advisor on the currently in production film 'What We Do is Secret,' (starring two long time White Flag fans: 'E.R.' actor Shane West, and Bijou Phillips), as well as being a rodeo bull riding champion, vegetarian, and a member of PeTA. Kim Crimson, (under his real name of Ken Stringfellow) is a sought after producer, when not busy fronting his full time band The Posies, and is one forth of the revamped lineup of the legendary band Big Star, and tours as keyboardist for R.E.M. Doug Graves is a professional surfer on the band supported Team Cleocin Snow and Surf team, and a member of the internationally known 70's disco tribute band 'The Boogie Knights', who were single handedly responsible for starting the campy disco revival fad in The United States. The Boogie Knights are an established club act, with a large 'following' of rock and roll and punk fans, who enjoy the band's irreverent approach to the once hated dance music. They have become much sought after entertainers for private events, and they have performed for private parties for such varied public figures as Tom Cruise, Mick Jagger, and former US President Gerald Ford. El Swe is a member of the popular Swedish band Sator, and is a well respected producer in Scandinavia, having worked on releases by The Hellacopters and The Hives.

1. Hell In A Handbag
2. Cleocin
3. Video.d.
4. Cheze
5. Gumby
6. R'n'r
7. (first Gig Chaos)
8. Shattered Badge (orig.)
9. Why? Because!
10. Black Sabbath
11. Not All Right
12. Go To God
13. White Flag
14. Joey Chip
15. Mirror, Mirror
16. Live Rap
17. Suzy Secret
18. S Is For Space
19. Do You Like That?
20. Love Me Like A Reptile
21. Hell In A Handbag
22. Cleocin
23. Jesus Loves The Little Children
24. Cocaine
25. White Flag
26. Midnight Rendezvous
27. R'n'r (riot)
28. Hell In A Handbag
29. Go To God
30. White Flag
31. Joey Chip
32. R'n'r
33. Gumby
34. Video.d. (parts 1 & 2)
35. Mirror, Mirror
36. Cheze
37. Cleocin
38. Suzy Secret
39. Black Sabbath

White Lung
It's The Evil LP


White Lung
It's The Evil LP
Deranged Records

After three critically acclaimed 7"s and a slight line up change, Vancouver, Canada's White Lung deliver their debut album, mixing the punk venom of some of the more notorious Riot Grrrl bands of the '90s with the guitar noodling and tempo of UK post-punk by way of John Reis.

01. Viva La Rat
02. Atlanta
03. Sleep Creep
04. Two Seen
05. Elf/546 Kids
06. Psychoholic
07. Shoot
08. Loose Heels
09. Like Dad
10. Tale
11. Wild Failure

Wide Awake
25 Song Discography CD


Wide Awake
25 Song Discography CD
Smorgasbord Records

Incredible complete discography from this legendary Connecticut band. Includes the 1988 Schism records 7", the 1987 demo tape remixed, compilation tracks and many live tracks.

01. Last Straw
02. The Truth
03. False Pride
04. Hold True
05. Insight
06. One Color
07. Friendship
08. Your Loss
09. Hold True
10. Two Views
11. False Pride
12. Friendship
13. Wide Awake
14. Last Straw
15. Wide Awake
16. The Truth
17. One Color
18. Your Loss
19. End The Hate
20. Intro
21. Everbody's Scene
22. A Lot To Learn
23. Too Late
24. Brother To Brother
25. Committed For Life

1184 CD


1184 CD
Head Not Found Records

Arntor CD


Arntor CD
Head Not Found Records

Wisdom In Chains
Pocono Ghosts EP
Colored Vinyl


Wisdom In Chains
Pocono Ghosts EP
Reaper Records

While most bands toil for years without ever finding a sound to call their own, Pennsylvania's Wisdom In Chains take the best from their collective cultural heritage and continue expanding their borders. With four solid full-lengths under their belts, they are more than prepared to unleash three new songs full of the solid storytelling and musical diversity Wisdom In Chains has become known for. 'Pocono Ghosts' condenses their progression and dynamic strength somehow onto one 7" EP. 7" includes digital download.

01. In Case You Forgot
02. Spit It Back
03. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

Firewood LP


Firewood LP
Rise Above Records

Firewood is the second album from Swedish Doom Rock legends, Witchcraft. Moving on from where they left off on their cult-classic self-titled 2004 opus, 2005's Firewood gained the band a wider audience, particularly in America. The Sabbath, Pentagram and garage rock influences are still strong and clearly heard, whilst the actual songwriting and production became more defined. Key tracks such as Chylde of Fire and Queen of Bees are firm favourites by fans today and staple additions to the set list. Witchcraft are a band that can swing effortlessly from orthodox Doom to Blues, Folk and Jazz, whilst always remaining shrouded in the cloak of influence from some of the more obscure moments of the 70s cult rock underground. Time has shown that this timeless 2005 release sounds as fresh today as it did back then.

Side One
1. Chylde of Fire
2. If Wishes Were Horses
3. Mr Haze
4. Wooden Cross (I Can't Wake the Dead)
5. Queen of Bees
6. Merlin's Daughter
Side Two
1. I See a Man
2. Sorrow Evoker
3. You Suffer
4. The Invisible
5. Attention!

The Alchemist LP


The Alchemist LP
Rise Above Records

With this, their third album, Witchcraft finally achieved what they always threatened. The Alchemist was an album that saw them move away from the generic "Doom-Rock" tag into something much more vibrant and worthy. It also was their biggest seller to date and considered a a return to the form shown on their classic self titled debut.

1. Walk Between The Lines
2. If Crimson Was Your Colour
3. Leva
4. Hey Doctor
5. Samaritan Burden
6. Remembered
7. The Alchemist

Curse 2xLP


Curse 2xLP
Dark Descent Records

Wu-Tang Clan
Enter The Wu-Tang Clan (36 Chambers) LP


Wu-Tang Clan
Enter The Wu-Tang Clan (36 Chambers) LP

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