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Human (relapse version) LP
Colored Vinyl


Death - Human (relapse version) LP

Relapse Records
Colored Vinyl

Foil Jacket - White, Blue and Gold Merge with Splatter vinyl! DEATH, the heavy metal institution founded, realized, and helmed by legendary guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, released the Individual Thought Patterns album (the follow-up to their watershed Human release) in 1993. Expectations were high following Human, but Schuldiner proved once again that he could rise to any occasion. Individual Thought Patterns further honed the forward-thinking and progressive direction birthed with Human, and included "The Philosopher"; arguably the best song to ever come from the world of extreme metal and to this date the most widely-recognized.

Side A :
Flattening Of Emotions / Suicide Machine / Together As One / Secret Face

Side B :
Lack Of Comprehension / See Through Dreams / Cosmic Sea / Vacant Planets / God Of Thunder (Bonus Track)

Listen to a sample:

De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas LP
Colored Vinyl


Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas LP

Back On Black Records
Colored Vinyl

One of the earliest of the Norwegian black metal bands to form (aptly named after a Venom track) the bands 20 year history is littered with tragedy and controversy. Now Back On Black re-issues the bands 4 studio albums on deluxe audiophile quality vinyl. All editions of these classic black metal albums are on coloured vinyl and come in gatefold packaging!

New Music

Shadows Of Past (ice clear with smoke vinyl) LP
Colored Vinyl


Sentenced - Shadows Of Past (ice clear with smoke vinyl) LP

Cosmic Key Creations
Colored Vinyl

ICE CLEAR WITH SMOKE VINYL! Debut album by finnish metal legends SENTENCED! Originally released by Thrash Records in 1992. Here's the official 2024 vinyl re-issue on Cosmic Key Creations. This pressing comes with original front and back cover artwork in a gatefold jacket and re-mastered (2017 master) for vinyl. Issued under exclusive license from Century Media Records. PRESSING INFO: 250x Black 750x Ice clear with black smoke

A1 When The Moment Of Death Arrives
A2 Rot To Dead
A3 Disengagement
A4 Rotting Ways To Misery
A5 The Truth
B1 Suffocated Beginning Of Life
B2 Beyond The Distant Valleys
B3 Under The Suffer
B4 Descending Curtain Of Death

One Life Crew
Crime Ridden Society (blue vinyl) LP
Colored Vinyl


One Life Crew - Crime Ridden Society (blue vinyl) LP

One Life Records
Colored Vinyl

Conway & 38 Spesh
The Ghronic: Speshal Machinery By Big Ghost LP


Conway & 38 Spesh - The Ghronic: Speshal Machinery By Big Ghost LP

De Rapwinkel Records

Numbered Limited Edition of 235 copies!

John Holt
Essential Artist Collection (orange vinyl) 2xLP
Colored Vinyl


John Holt - Essential Artist Collection (orange vinyl) 2xLP

Trojan Records
Colored Vinyl

28 classic tracks by Jamaica's most popular balladeer - including his UK top ten chartbuster 'Help Me Make It Through The Night'. Double Orange Transparent vinyl!

Desmond Dekker
Essential Artist Collection (violet vinyl) 2xLP
Colored Vinyl


Desmond Dekker - Essential Artist Collection (violet vinyl) 2xLP

Trojan Records
Colored Vinyl

28 classic tracks by the original king of reggae - including his UK number one 'Israelites' plus numerous other chartbusting hits. Double Transparent Violet vinyl!

Youth Of Today
Break Down The Walls (pink vinyl) LP
Colored Vinyl


Youth Of Today - Break Down The Walls (pink vinyl) LP

Revelation Records
Colored Vinyl

In 1986, Underdog vocalist Richie Birkenhead joined Youth Of Today on second guitar. With this lineup, the band's first full-length album was recorded, "Break Down The Walls." More than just an album, it's an anthem for a way of life. New pressing now available on pink vinyl.

1. Make A Change
2. Thinking Straight
3. Stabbed In The Back
4. Take A Stand
5. Honesty
6. One Family
7. Break Down The Walls
8. Shout It
9. Time To Forgive
10. Positive Outlook
11. Standing Hard
12. Free At Last
13. Youth Of Today

Electric Chair
Act Of Aggression LP


Electric Chair - Act Of Aggression LP

Iron Lung Records

Floating somewhere between modern, dangly-earrnig, leather-and-chains hardcore punk and early-'80s, Los Angeles live Electric Chair, reminding us of a time when being a punk was a threat to both yourself and to those around you.

1. Live With It
2. Certain Doom
3. Fatal Disease Pt. 2
4. Who Built The Camps?
5. Convenient
6. Obsessed
7. Security Camera
8. Collapse
9. OD'd And Died
10. Active Aggression
11. Palm Of My Hand

Listen to a sample:

Self Titled (grey vinyl) EP
Colored Vinyl


Bold - Self Titled (grey vinyl) EP

Revelation Records
Colored Vinyl

GREY VINYL LIMITED TO 700 COPIES! First released in 1989, the self-titled EP from Bold features four tracks, which at the time were a new direction for the band. Adding Tom Capone (Quicksand/Beyond) on guitar, the band's sound evolved away from the traditional youth-crew anthems heard on "Speak Out," as did many of their peers in the scene at that time who were also exploring and pushing their boundaries musically. New pressing now available on grey vinyl.

1. Running Like Thieves
2. Today We Live
3. Hateful
4. You're The Friend I Don't Need

Ontological Mysterium LP


Horrendous - Ontological Mysterium LP

Season Of Mist Records

Black 12" vinyl (33 rpm) in gatefold with double sided insert. First pressing 1,200 copies worldwide. With 'Ontological Mysterium', HORRENDOUS have built a towering death-metal thrill ride. The sheer size and scope of their new album is massive. Riffs twist and turn through labyrinthine arrangements, busting out into soaring melodic leads. 'Ontological Mysterium' captures the true spirit of the halcyon days of extreme metal. It sounds timeless but marks a bold step forward for this rising band. For fans of (mid-period) DEATH, (early) ATHEIST, CORONER, SADUS, MARTYR. Artwork by Alexander L. Brown (

Side A: The Blaze / Chrysopoeia (The Archaeology of Dawn) / Neon Leviathan / Aurora Neoterica / Preterition Hymn

Side B: Cult of Shaad'oah / Exeg(en)esis / Ontological Mysterium / The Death Knell Ringeth

Listen to a sample:

The Gaslight Anthem
History Books (yellow vinyl) LP
Colored Vinyl


The Gaslight Anthem - History Books (yellow vinyl) LP

Rich Mahogany Recordings
Colored Vinyl

Indies / Canary Yellow LP! Produced by Peter Katis (The National, Kurt Vile), History Books is The Gaslight Anthem's first new album in nine years.

Side A :
Spider Bites / History Books / Autumn / Positive Charge / Michigan, 1975

Side B :
Little Fires / The Weatherman / Empires / I Live In The Room Above Her / A Lifetime Of Preludes

Servants Of Sorcery (white vinyl) LP
Colored Vinyl


Fimbulwinter - Servants Of Sorcery (white vinyl) LP

Peaceville Records
Colored Vinyl

Limited edition White vinyl! A 2023 official release of the cult classic primitive Norwegian black metal recorded in 1992, featuring Dimmu Borgir's Shagrath. The sole release by Fimbulwinter, this limited white colour pressing in gatefold includes the original iconic early 1990s cover image, and also contains a 12" booklet featuring rare and unseen photographs, plus two double-sided posters. Fimbulwinter, though short-lived, created a sole cult release in the form of 1994's 'Servants of Sorcery', which emerged as the "second wave" of Norwegian black metal was truly taking hold. The band was formed in Oslo 1992, led by the notable figure of Shagrath, becoming most known afterwards as mainman for the phenomenon that was Dimmu Borgir. A more raw affair than the symphonic majesty of Dimmu Borgir, Fimbulwinter demonstrated a primal and fierce black metal attack, and concocted a perfect example of the early-90s style, with an extra injection of praise to bands of the 80s. Even though 'Servants of Sorcery' as a release didn't see the light of day until 1994, the tracks themselves were recorded back in the winter of 1992, and so stand as an essential and influential early example of what was to form a whole new chapter in metal history. Joining Shagrath was Skoll (Ved Buens Ende, Ulver, Arcturus) on bass, with the line-up completed by Necronos & Orbweaver. This edition of 'Servants of Sorcery' - a title consistently requested by fans for a proper reissue for many years - notably includes material plus additional songs sourced and transferred from the band's own tape collection (with work overseen by Shagrath himself), to present this most complete and comprehensive edition of Fimbulwinter's work and legacy. Alongside Fimbulwinter's own original material of spellbinding lo-fi grim chaos are storming cover versions of 'Morbid Tales' by Celtic Frost (which featured on the original 'Servants of Sorcery' release), plus 'The Watchtower' by Darkthrone, which is now included for the first time.

Side A:
1 Intro - Terrifying Call From The Dark Side
2 When The Fire Leaps From The Ash Mountain
3 Servants Of Sorcery
4 Black Metal Storm
5 Fimbulwinter Sacrifice

Side B:
1 Roaring Hellfire
2 Lucified
3 The Watchtower (Darkthrone cover)
4 Morbid Tales (Celtic Frost cover)
5 Winter Solstice

Listen to a sample:

Ne Obliviscaris
Citadel (clear-blue-white marbled) LP
Colored Vinyl


Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel (clear-blue-white marbled) LP

Season Of Mist Records
Colored Vinyl

Crystal clear, blue & white marbled 12" vinyl (33 rpm) in jacket with printed inner sleeve. Limited to 450 copies worldwide! The multi-layered songs on Australian prodigies NE OBLIVISCARIS' sophomore album 'Citadel' are infusing a metal base with avant-garde approaches to jazz, flamenco, progressive rock and many more elements. The band display extraordinary musicianship and a depth of profound compositional abilities hardly expected from such a young group. Listening to these tracks makes it less surprising that one of Australia's most prestigious classical conservatories, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music has added the song "And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope" taken from NE OBLIVISCARIS' acclaimed debut full-length 'Portal of I' (2012) to their teaching curriculum. Already with their first demo 'The Aurora Veil' (2007), NE OBLIVISCARIS garnered massive word-of-mouth prominence within the metal underground. Mainstream press caught up with "Portal of I", which showcased their unique array of influences and dynamic songwriting with a virtuoso violin significantly adding to the sound. With 'Citadel' the band is ready to conquer the world. Mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA), this album spells international success for NE OBLIVISCARIS in capitals. For fans of OPETH, ANSUR, AUGURY, EMPEROR. Artwork by Svartwerk.

Side A:
A1 - Painters Of The Tempest (Part I): Wyrmholes
A2 - Painters Of The Tempest (Part II): Triptych Lux
A3 - Painters Of The Tempest (Part III): Reveries From The Stained Glass Womb
Side B:
B1 - Pyrrhic
B2 - Devour Me, Colossus (Part I): Blackholes
B3 - Devour Me, Colossus (Part II): Contortions


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