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The Nuclear Blast Recordings CD boxset


The Nuclear Blast Recordings CD boxset
Dissonance Records

Dutch death metal act Gorefest have been at the top of their game since their much lauded debut in 1991. They released six faultless albums through Nuclear Blast Records which Dissonance productions have rolled one Limited Edition CD box set for the first time! The albums included are "Mindloss" (1991), "False" (1992), "Erase" (1994), "Soul Survivor" (1996), "Chapter 13" (1998) and "Le Muerte" (2005). Leaders of Holland's death metal scene, Gorefest built a substantial underground following over the course of the '90s with a powerful, groove-based sound that often paralleled similar innovations by bands like Entombed and Sepultura.

CD1 (Mindloss)
2.Mental Misery
3.Putrid Stench Of Human Remains
4.Foetal Carnage
5.Tangled In Gore
6.Confessions Of A Serial Killer
7.Horrors In A Retarded Mind
8.Loss Of Flesh

CD2 (False)
1.The Glorious Dead
2.State Of Mind
3.Reality – When You Die
4.Get A Life
6.Second Face
7.Infamous Existence
8.From Ignorance To Oblivion
9.The Mass Insanity

CD3 (Erase)
3.I Walk My Way
5.Seeds Of Hate
6.Peace Of Paper
7.Goddess In Black
8.To Hell And Back

CD4 (Soul Survivor)
2.Forty Shades
4.Electric Poet
5.Soul Survivor
6.Blood Is Thick
7.Dog Day
8.Demon Seed
10.Dragon Man

CD5 (Chapter 13)
1.Chapter 13
2.Broken Wing
5.The Idiot
8.F.S. 2000
9.All Is Well
11.Burn Out
12.Super Reality
13.Serve The Masses

CD6 (Le Muerte)
1.For The Masses
2.When The Dead Walk The Earth
3.You Could Make Me Kill
4.Malicious Intent
5.Rogue State
6.The Call
7.Of Death And Chaos
8.Man To Fall
10.Till Fingers Bleed
11.The New Gods
12.La Muerte

A New Dawn For The Dead CD


A New Dawn For The Dead CD
Metal Blade Records

The mighty Gorerotted follow up 2003's brilliant critically acclaimed splatter-fest 'Only Tools And Corpses'. Intensity and brutality are the key words here, that and a good dose of British gallows humour! "A New Dawn For The Dead" is a new chapter for the band, more precise, technically over the top and improved in terms of songwriting, GOREROTTED will make no prisoners with this masterpiece!

01. ...And Everything Went Black
02. Pain as a Prelude to Death
03. Nervous Gibbering Wreck
04. Adding Insult to Injury
05. Fable of Filth
06. Dead Drunk A Very Grave Business
07. Horrorday in Haiti
08. Selection and Dissection of Parts for Resurrection
09. I am the Black Wizard (Ltd.Ed. Bonus Track)

Gorilla Biscuits
Self Titled MCD


Gorilla Biscuits
Self Titled MCD
Revelation Records

The first recordings of the Gorilla Biscuits. This is classic stuff! The MCD version also contains demotracks, making it to twelve tracks in total.

01. High Hopes
02. Big Mouth
03. No Reason Why
04. GM2
05. Hold Your Ground
06. Breaking Free
07. Finish What You Started
08. Sitting Around At Home (CD only)
09. Gorilla Biscuits (CD only)
10. Short End Of The Stick (CD only)
11. Hold Your Ground 1 (CD only)
12. GM2 1 (CD only)

Gorilla Biscuits
Start Today CD


Gorilla Biscuits
Start Today CD
Revelation Records

Over the years, few records have earned the distinction of 'classic.' Within the punk and hardcore realm, even fewer have made an impact on the way an entire genre sounds. At the top of that small list, however, is Gorilla Biscuits' 'Start Today.' Hailing from NYC, Gorilla Biscuits carved a niche within the NY Hardcore scene. Blending the aggression and energy of bands like Agnostic Front with a sense of melody likened to the Descendents and Dag Nasty, Gorilla Biscuits still stands as a unique reference point for every hardcore band that has come after them. This is an essential part of any record collection.

01. New Direction
02. Stand Still
03. Degradation
04. Good Intentions
05. Forgotten
06. Things We Say
07. Start Today
08. Two Sides
09. First Failure
10. Competition
11. Time Flies
12. Cats And Dogs

Into The Grave CD


Into The Grave CD
Century Media Records

This amazing reissue of GRAVE's legendary debut album "Into The Grave" (1991) offers tons of bonus tracks (from the 1990 "Tremendous Pain" 7", In The Eyes Of Death Compilation, demo tunes), revamped layouts, remastered sound and liner notes by the band. Almost 70 minutes of total death metal excellence. Get this or die!

01. Deformed (04:06)
02. In Love (03:36)
03. For Your God (03:46)
04. Obscure Infinity (03:08)
05. Hating Life (03:03)
06. Into The Grave (04:08)
07. Extremely Rotten Flesh (04:36)
08. Haunted (03:39)
09. Day Of Mourning (03:36)
10. Inhuman (03:52)
11. Banished To Live (04:51)
12. Tremendous Pain (03:25)
13. Putrefaction Remains (02:54)
14. Haunted (03:28)
15. Day Of Mourning (03:36)
16. Eroded (03:15)
17. Inhuman (03:39)
18. Obscure Infinity (03:08)

You'll Never See CD


You'll Never See CD
Century Media Records

1992's "You'll Never See…", the second studio album by long-running Swedish death metal titans GRAVE is a timeless classic and mandatory for every proper death metal maniac out there. Produced by Tomas Skogsberg, it's a filthy, groovy, and brutal opus incl. such killer tracks as "Morbid Way To Die", "Christi(ns)anity", the legendary title track or "Brutally Deceased".

Grave Miasma
Endless Pilgrimage CD


Grave Miasma
Endless Pilgrimage CD
Sepulchral Voice Records

Listen to a sample:

Grave Miasma
Exalted Emanation MCD


Grave Miasma
Exalted Emanation MCD
Sepulchral Voice Records

Grave Miasma
Odori Sepulcrorum CD


Grave Miasma
Odori Sepulcrorum CD
Sepulchral Voice Records

If At First You Don't Succeed CD


If At First You Don't Succeed CD
Cyclone Empire Records

OFFICIAL BAND ENDORSED RE-ISSUeS OF HADES CLASSIC ALBUMS WITH BONUS TRACKS AND EXTENSIVE LINER NOTES. "Thank God for Cyclone Empire!! We now have re-issues of our first three cds that we are truly proud of. HADES fans will want these because they come with the best packaging we have ever had, plus some cool bonus tracks previously unheard. These cds bring back many memories for all of us-you can read some of our memories inside each of these cds. It is fun for me to read what Alan, Tom, Scott, Ed and Jimmy wrote inside of each cd. Plus there are some photos I haven't seen in years. The remix of "The Leaders?" is really cool, and it is nice to hear Gloomy Sunday and Easy Way Out on cd from the old days when we had Paul Smith singing. Our live album has been out of print for so long and it is a very underrated HADES album. We all had a blast playing at Bang Your Head-and we hope you bother the promoters to bring us over one more time. Keep Resisting!" Dan Lorenzo

1. Opinionate!
2. In The Mean Time
3. Rebel Without A Brain
4. King In Exile
5. Face The Fat Reality
6. Outro
7. I Too Eye
8. Diplomatic Immunity
9. Process Of Assimilation
10. Tears Of Orpheus
11. Aftermath Of Betrayal (The Tragedy Of...)
12. Finale
13. M.E.S. (Technical Difficulties)

14. Decline & Fall Of The American Empire
15. Biocaust
16. Force Quit
17. Hoax
18. Responsible
19. The Me That Might Have Been

Hades (Almighty)
...Again Shall Be CD



Hades (Almighty)
...Again Shall Be CD
Hammerheart Records


Hades (Almighty) / Drudkh
Split CD
Karisma Records

PYRE ERA, BLACK / ONE WHO TALKS WITH THE FOG In the past 5 - 10 years, Hades Almighty has done numerous shows and kept the spirit alive while working on new material. In 2014, founding member and vocalist/bassist Janto left the band and after some search for a replacement, they found Ask Ty (Kampfar, Krakow) to take over the vocal duties. And now, for the first time in 14 years, we can experience new music from Hades Almighty. "Pyre Era, Black!" hints to the epic and pitch black sound of the 2 first albums, but also shows new elements to the unique Hades Almighty sound. Ask Ty's vocals are outstanding and give the songs that true character and depth you expect from Hades Almighty. "Pyre Era, Black!" Was first released on digital services 23.10-15 and got outstanding reviews. Now available on cd and vinyl all over the world for the first time in history. Hades Almighty have joined forces with the Ukrainian underground black metal veterans Drudkh, to give out this outburst of a split-EP! Done by cooperation with the label Season of Mist. "Pyre Era, Black!" is and introduction to a new era in Hades Almighty's history and an introduction to the forthcoming album. Fans of the band will definitely NOT be disappointed!

1. Drudkh - Golden Horse
2. Drudkh - Fiery Serpent
3. Hades Almighty - Pyre Era, Black!
4. Hades Almighty - Funeral Storm
5. Hades Almighty - Bound

Hades (Almighty)
The Dawn Of The Dying Sun CD



Hades (Almighty)
The Dawn Of The Dying Sun CD
Hammerheart Records

Hands Tied
Self Titled MCD


Hands Tied
Self Titled MCD
Equal Vision Records

From the ashes of Mouthpiece, this is what lies ahead. Six instant hardcore anthems sure to please. Definitely one of the better bands of the late 90's youthcrew 'revival'. Featuring Tim McMahon (ex-Mouthpiece) on vocals, who is now singing in Triple Threat.

01. Signed Off
02. Nothing Can Compare
03. Rearrange
04. What Lies Ahead
05. Turn Away
06. Another Year


Harley's War
2012 CD
Music Video Distributors

Harley Flanagan needs no introduction. As one of the forefathers of New York hardcore, he helped revolutionize hardcore with the Cro-Mags and now continues to blaze his own path with Harley's War, in which he is joined on guitar by Rocky George of Suicidal Tendencies. Brutal and dark, this recording features five new songs plus 13 live tracks including many Cro-Mags tunes.

01. Life Is A Struggle
02. Comfort The Children
03. Extinction
04. Purpose Of Your Life
05. The End Is Drawing Near
06. World Peace
07. These Streets
08. Its The Limit
09. My Life
10. Street Justice
11. Survival Of The Streets
12. Days Of Confusion
13. No Sympathy
14. Premeditated
15. Jones
16. Hard Times
17. Life Of My Own
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